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Agency Spotlight: Prince George’s County Police Department (Maryland)

Prince George's County Police Department's 2017 Chevrolet Tahoe - New Decals "K-9 Unit" (Maryland)

(Landover, MD) – Comprised of over 1,700 sworn officers, the Prince George’s County Police Department is one of the top 5 largest law enforcement entities within the State of Maryland. While visiting the Washington Metropolitan Area, our team had the privilege of working with the agency’s Media Relations Director, Jennifer Donelan, to coordinate a photoshoot of specific units representing key divisions within the department to include Patrol, K-9, Traffic and the Aerial Unit.


Prince George’s County Police Department Shield

In 2013, the Prince George’s County Police Department underwent a major overhaul of its mainline fleet with the introduction of an iconic two-tone graphics package. The new design was inspired by the uniforms worn by its officers and has steadily been implemented into its fleet of 2,000+ vehicles. Unlike most agencies across the country, the department opted to implement the design across a horizontal axis which creates a sleek and modern appearance that emphasizes the reflective vinyl decals, while also enhancing visibility of the vehicles for members of the general public.

The Prince George’s County Police Department predominately operates a fleet of Ford Interceptor Sedan’s as its mainline patrol vehicle of choice. However, earlier in 2019, Ford announced that it would cease production of this platform creating a challenge for fleet directors across the country to quickly identify a suitable replacement. Though the department also operates the Chevrolet Tahoe within its Recruitment and K-9 units, it is evaluating all available options while working towards selecting its next generation patrol vehicle. In the meantime, we thoroughly enjoyed our time visiting with the agency and would like to thank them for allowing us to showcase their sharp fleet of vehicles with our audience.

To learn more about the Prince George’s County Police Department, visit the agency’s official website at



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