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Welcome to SCPoliceCruisers!

Founded in 2011, our organization was founded with the intent of showcasing the law enforcement vehicles from each and every agency within the state of South Carolina. The purpose of this website it to provide agencies an outlet to showcase their police vehicles, graphics designs, community oriented strategies, communications equipment and lighting packages with peers.

Over the years, our organization has grown and evolved into a respected resource that allows agencies to research the latest vehicle design trends. Realizing that administrations often change, we have worked to provide a central location that can connect agencies with the tools and resources they need to outfit their vehicles. Within the resource center, you will be able to locate contact information for the various upfitters and graphic design shops that have befriended SCPoliceCruisers throughout the years.

The “Historical Archive” is another new addition to the website. Overtime, our team has had the privilege of photographing or receiving images of cruisers that are no longer in service. These specific units will now have the opportunity to be featured on the website and allow us to thoroughly represent these vehicles from a historical perspective.



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