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Benedict College Police Department Tests Move Over Camera

(Columbia, S.C.) – The Benedict College Police Department is the first agency is South Carolina to test a Move Over Camera. The device, which is attached to the bumper of a Target Zero Ford Interceptor, is designed to help the department enforce the South Carolina Move Over law. The law, which was passed in 2002, requires that vehicles move over or reduce speed when approaching a stopped emergency vehicle. In doing so, first responders are provided with an additional lane that provides a safety buffer from oncoming traffic. The Move Over Camera will then document violations by recording the license plate of vehicles that drive by while the cruisers lights are activated so that the drivers can be ticketed.

Though this is the first product of its kind we’ve seen in South Carolina, many companies have begun manufacturing Move Over Cameras. Notable brands include Brekford, Novume and OptoTraffic.

2 Comments on Benedict College Police Department Tests Move Over Camera

  1. Know the Law // December 27, 2018 at 5:06 am // Reply

    Illegal won’t be held up in court. Photo enforcement is illegal in SC. Don’t spend that ticket revenue because your lawsuit will certainly require reimbursement.


  2. So you’re saying that accident investigations, particular hit and runs, of vehicles that can be identified by traffic/intersection cameras is illegal as well?


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