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Kernersville Spreads Holiday Cheer

Kernersville Police Department's 2016 Chevrolet Tahoe - Christmas Decals (North Carolina)

(Kernersville, NC) – The Kernersville Police Department has the distinct honor of being one of only a handful of agencies across the country with a holiday themed vehicle. To be fair, we’ve only ever seen 2, both of which reside with the New York Police Department. The 2016 Chevrolet Tahoe, which previously served as a spare, found a second purpose on December 1st when it rolled out as the agency’s very first Christmas Cruiser.

Since being unveiled, the vehicle has predominately been utilized by the department’s Community Relations Unit to spread some Christmas Cheer around town. To make things even sweeter, the vehicle recently got the attention of Amazon, who in-turn donated 750lbs worth of toys to the department in recognition of the Kernersville Police Department’s unique concept. To-date, this is the agencies second specially designed community focused vehicle wrap. The first, a Breast Cancer Awareness Unit, rolled out in October to rave reviews. It’s safe to say that the Kernersville Police Department success will lead to more wraps in the future, and we just can’t wait to see what they churn out next!

At SC Police Cruisers, we love sharing the amazing community oriented trends being implemented by agencies across the country. Kernersville is just another example of what can be achieved when agencies embrace their creativity and step outside the box to try something new and fresh. We’re excited to show off this unit and hope it’ll spur similar designs at other agencies in 2021.

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