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FHP Issues Dodge Challengers

Florida Highway Patrol's 2020 Dodge Challenger on a Traffic Stop.

(Orlando, FL) – The Florida Highway Patrol is no stranger when it comes to muscle cars. The agency has a rich tradition of operating coupes, from the Foxbody Mustang in the late 80s to Chevrolet Camaro’s in the 90s. Fast forward to 2020, and we’re once again seeing marked coupes on the roadways of the Sunshine State in the form of the Dodge Challenger R/T. 

The HEMI powered cruiser boasts a 5.7 liter V8 engine pushing 372 horsepower that offers 0-60 acceleration in 5.1 seconds. By being strategically placed throughout Florida, these new cruisers come with an array of equipment designed to arm Troopers with an asset to help curb aggressive driving. This includes a very impressive Federal Signal lighting package boasting dual color forward facing modules and tri color rear facing modules for enhanced visibility. These units also include a Panasonic 360 degree HD camera system that’s versatile enough to be auto-triggered by lights & sirens, G-force in the event of a crash or when shotguns are removed from racks. This offers the agency a powerful tool to help reduce fatalities on Florida roadways.

We extend a very big THANK YOU to the Florida Highway Patrol for allowing us full access to this Black and Tan beauty. To learn more about the agency, or explore a career as a Trooper visit

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