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First in The Palmetto State for Cayce DPS

(Cayce, S.C.) – This past week, the Cayce Department of Public Safety placed the Palmetto State’s first 2020 Ford Interceptor Utility SUVs into service.  The agency acquired two of the new Ford variants which will be assigned to Cayce’s School Resource Officers (S.R.O.) replacing their current cruisers.  

When Ford first announced the design refresh on the 2020 Interceptor Utility, interest among departments across the country was at an all time high.  It didn’t take long for fleet supervisors to realize this vehicle was even larger, more powerful, and aggressive looking than the previous version.  However, they have been slow to appear on the roads of South Carolina.  This was largely due to the vehicles not being immediately available on our state contract.  Also, as with anything new, manufactures had to design new brackets, mounts, and equipment for the new SUV because of the size difference on the 2020 model.  A combination of these factors helped further their delay in showing up to the Palmetto State.  Not to be deterred, Cayce’s ingenuity allowed the department to remain ahead of the curve by securing an order for two of these vehicles out of Brannen Ford in Unadilla, Georgia.  They did so at state contract pricing making the vehicles attractive both financially and visually.  

Unlike most agency’s in South Carolina, the City of Cayce has the ability to perform its vehicle upfits in-house thanks to its skilled Master Emergency Vehicle Equipment Installer.  As such, they were able to work with him in selecting the latest and most effective emergency lighting technology on the market.  They chose Federal Signal products and opted for the tri-color version of their lights (blue/white/red).  Products include the SpectraLux ILS interior lightbar, MicroPulse C in the grille area, MicroPulse Wide 9’s under the mirrors, and the Pathfinder Siren System.  

With the finished product ready to be issued and placed on the road, SCPoliceCruisers visited Cayce to photograph the new SUV.  We appreciate the continued support of the Cayce Department of Public Safety in allowing us to photograph their fleet.  Please visit the Lexington County section of the database to see additional photos of this vehicle.  

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