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SCPoliceCruisers Visits Ohio

Clearcreek Township Police Department's 2018 Dodge Charger - New Decals (Ohio)

(Cincinnati, O.H.) – Earlier this year, we announced an expansion to the database that would include agencies outside of South Carolina. This specific section includes agencies that have unique graphics, impressive emergency warning packages or concepts that are foreign to our state that would serve as a centralized location to showcase these national trends. In keeping with this theme, our team recently ventured to Ohio and handpicked several agencies to share with our audience.

Unlike South Carolina, many agencies in southern Ohio invest a significant amount of money into the visual appearance of their vehicles. What originally began as a mission to photograph a unique Chevrolet Tahoe in Amberley Village, soon turned into a targeted initiative to organize a photoshoot of key agencies along I-75 between the Cincinnati Metropolitan area and the suburbs of Dayton.

As previously mentioned, our mission began with the Amberley Village Police Department due to the unique nature of its 2016 Chevrolet Tahoe. Several years ago, the agency converted its fleet of marked patrol vehicles over to ghost graphics. At this point you’re probably saying “guys, South Carolina has plenty of ghost units so why travel to Ohio to photograph a Chevrolet Tahoe?” and you’d be correct. However, the specific cruiser in question features a custom built scene light used for checkpoints, vehicle collisions and community events. This unique addition was all made possible thanks to a $15,000 grant from firehouse subs.



As we moved further up I-75, we had the opportunity of photographing some truly remarkable vehicles. These designs were all put together with the intention of increasing officer safety through increased visibility and providing the public with a police cruiser that would easily be spotted should they need assistance. Truthfully, these were some of the most eye catching designs we’ve seen in quite some time. Notable standouts included the West Milton Police Department’s “Zebra” design that featured a twist on the traditional black and white two-tone package. Additional shoutouts were the Trotwood Police Department and Clearcreek Township Police Department who incorporated an array of bright colors creating an overall visually appealing design. On the opposite end of the spectrum we were able to showcase Chevrolet Tahoes from the Milford and Lebanon Police Department’s who in-turn went with matte wraps to provide a more subtle appearance to their fleets.


Beyond standard graphic packages, we had the privilege of meeting members of the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office who proudly showcased their two Ford CVPI sedans for our team. The agency uses deadlined cruisers that are restored to showroom condition and applies specially selected graphics to raise community awareness. One vehicle focused on Breast Cancer Awareness while the second cruiser serves as a rolling Thin Blue Line memorial listing the names of fallen officers within the State of Ohio. As the memorial unit travels the state, officers who cross its path are invited to sign the hood as a way of paying their respects. Once filled with signatures, it’s pulled off the vehicle and hung in a local F.O.P. for all to see and replaced with another hood. We’d like to extend a very big THANK YOU to members of the Sheriff’s Office for inviting our team to sign the hood at the conclusion of our photoshoot. This was one of the biggest honors we’d have the privilege of receiving while working at SCPoliceCruisers.

Overall, our journey included 14 vehicles from 9 agencies that are now prominently displayed in the Out of State portion of the database. We’d like to thank all the department’s for providing us access to their fleets and invite you all to view these images by clicking here.

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