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Goose Creek Unveils C.O.P.S. Cruiser

2019 Ford Utility - "Community Oriented Policing Services" Decals

(Goose Creek, S.C.) – From the beginning, the Goose Creek Police Department wanted to outfit its Community Oriented Policing Service 2019 Ford Utility with a design that prominently embodied “community involvement.”  After much research, Chief Roscoe decided the best way to accomplish the agency’s goal would be to have the vehicle wrapped with an ellaborate design. After much research, the final concept came together as a result of a collaboration between Wrapstar Studio and officials at the Goose Creek Police Department working together to create a design that would instantly catch anyone’s attention. Upon the vehicles completion, it was clear that all of the agency’s objectives had been met.  


What began as an unmarked white SUV is now covered from front to back in a sleek thin blue line flag inspired design. The words “Community Oriented Policing Services” are boldly displayed along the sides and rear of the vehicle. The Goose Creek Police Department patch completes the look by being prominently displayed along the driver and passenger front doors. The branding phrase “#creekrising” is also displayed on the side and rear of the vehicle to encourage citizens to use the hashtag when sharing images of the cruiser on social media channels. As we move closer to the vehicle, we instantly notice subtle images of the Goose Creek Police badge displayed at the center of the stars on the flag. Taking the design one step further, the vehicle was coated in a ceramic coating donated by IGL coatings to protect the newly applied graphic package from the elements. There is no doubt that this was the community vehicle the Goose Creek Police Department had envisioned.

goosecreekpdutilitycops2The agency’s goal is to use this unique vehicle at the many events the department hosts and attends across the Lowcountry, while creating opportunities for conversation with members of the general public. It is an exciting new addition to the many tools the Goose Creek Police Department uses to promote a healthy and trusting relationship between the Department and the community in which it serves.


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