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Dodge Durango Pursuit Hits The Roads of South Carolina

2019 Dodge Durango - New Decals [Front]

(Mullins, S.C.) – The first batch of pursuit rated Dodge Durango’s are making their way into service with agencies across South Carolina. This new addition to the state procurement contract provides agencies with a cost effective option that blends performance, size and comfort all rolled into one vehicle. Until recently, agencies looking to purchase a new cruiser had limited options to choose from with the Ford Utility, Chevrolet Tahoe and Dodge Charger being the only fully pursuit rated vehicles available.


The Mullins Police Department is one of the first agencies in South Carolina to place the pursuit rated variant of the Dodge Durango into service. The department recently acquired 8 of these cruisers through the Enterprise Government Fleet Management program, which provides agencies with the flexibility of receiving new cruisers on a consistent basis through a lease. This option offers a cost effective alternative for smaller municipalities to replace cruisers with high miles that would otherwise have to remain in service due to budget constraints.

When acquiring the Dodge Durango, the Mullins Police Department contracted with Myrtle Beach Communications to upfit the vehicles with a full Code3 Emergency Lighting package to include a dual color 21TR lightbar. This specific lightbar provides officers with an enhanced package that increases visibility by including dual color modules and a full flood option for night time operations. The vehicles themselves prominently display the Mullins Police Departments iconic Thin Blue Line inspired decals which create a visually appealing package. Prior to receiving these new vehicles, the agency predominantly operated the Chevrolet Impala as its mainline patrol vehicle. Since the area is prone to flooding, the new cruisers will not only offer more reliability but also additional functionality by being able to access areas that were otherwise off limits to sedans. Since photographing this unit, several more agencies have placed the Dodge Durango into service to include the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office and Anderson County Sheriff’s Office. We look forward to showcasing more of these vehicles in the future. Until then, please visit the Marion County portion of the database to check out more pictures from the Mullins Police Department.

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