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Vehicle Wraps: The Next Evolution in Community Oriented Policing

Orange County Sheriff's Office 2017 Ford Utility - "Veteran Recruitment Unit" (Florida)

(Orlando, F.L.) – Unlike South Carolina, Law Enforcement agencies throughout Florida have traditionally utilized custom vehicle wraps as an extension of their community oriented policing initiatives. These cruisers often feature unique and elaborate designs that promote everything from recruitment all the way to highlighting agency support for specific charities during certain periods of the year. This trend has especially taken off in the Central Florida portion of the state in which departments have taken this one step further by hosting an annual car show that allows agencies to proactively showcase their unique designs and thereby provide the community an opportunity to provide feedback on their favorites.

orangecsohonorguardhoodCruisers with unique vehicle wraps are a great way to engage the public. However, many departments in South Carolina opt to utilize deadlined vehicles and predominately keep these vehicles parked alongside spare cruisers only to pull them out for parades or special events. Though some exceptions exist such as the Summerville Police Department’s P.O.W. tribute vehicle assigned to an officer working patrol, agencies in Florida are more proactively displaying these vehicles by assigning them to officers who’s story brings the cars to life. Examples include breast cancer awareness cruisers driven by survivors, traffic units that display unique messages reenforcing D.U.I. campaigns or Honor Guard units that serve as rolling memorials with the names of fallen officers draped across the vehicle.

Since the price of high quality vinyl continues to drop, many agencies are utilizing this community oriented policing tool on newly purchased vehicles. To reduce costs, some agencies are even taking this trend one step further by cycling the designs on one specific vehicle to convey multiple messages throughout the year. As this creative and low cost trend continues to sweep across the United States, we hope to see more of these unique designs actively used on the roadways of South Carolina. In the meantime, enjoy some of the more creative designs we’ve stumbled on during our travels through the Sunshine State.



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