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SCPoliceCruisers Expands Travel Files

(Charleston, S.C.) – SCPoliceCruisers has a reputation for being the premiere resource for law enforcement photography in South Carolina. To-date, our pictures have been prominently featured in several national publications, billboards, departmental websites and social media channels. Since being founded in 2011, we’ve taken our hobby beyond photos to include designing vehicle graphic packages and developing long lasting relationships with manufacturers, upfitters and law enforcement agencies. As we continue to grow, we’ve made the decision to actively expand our travel files.

The SCP Travel Files, known as the “Out of State Agencies” portion of the website, is a section dedicated to cruisers from other regions of the country. Members of our team regularly travel, and sometimes stumble onto unique vehicles that are worth photographing in our standard posed and lit format. Law Enforcement trends vary greatly from state to state. With that in mind, we’ve decided to actively begin visiting departments in other parts of the country to expand our database. In order to successfully take on this challenge, we will begin by dedicating a handful of website updates to trips in specially selected regions of Georgia and North Carolina. These special photoshoots will be in addition to our regularly scheduled website updates dedicated to the many agencies of South Carolina.

“Our goal isn’t to duplicate SCPoliceCruisers in other states. Instead, we want to photograph specific vehicles that feature unique elements such as graphic designs or equipment packages that cannot be found in South Carolina. In doing so, we can share those with our audience and hi-light trends in community oriented policing and officer safety.” – commented D.H., SCPoliceCruisers founder.

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