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West Union Police Department Unveils Newly Striped Unit

(West Union, South Carolina) – 5/13/2018 – Earlier this week, the West Union Police Department unveiled their newly striped Dodge Charger. At first glance you’ll instantly notice that this vehicle is unlike any other marked unit in South Carolina. This particular cruiser features a very subtle “Mopar” inspired design with the addition of a sleek American Flag on the roof and police markings in the stripe. The intent was to provide the department with a versatile patrol unit that would stand out to residents while at the same time seamlessly blending into traffic.


West Union is located in the Northwestern end of South Carolina within the Oconee County portion of the state. This 300 person community is located just outside of Clemson University and is intersected by Highway 11, which has been identified as a drug trafficking route by the Drug Enforcement Administration. The West Union Police Department has assigned this particular cruiser to interdiction trained officers who will utilize it to aggressively seek out and deter drug smuggling activities passing through town.


2016 Dodge Charger

Interested in seeing a video of this sharp ride? Click here to visit our official Youtube channel.

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