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Snowmageddon 2018 Hits Coastal South Carolina

South Carolina Highway Patrol

(Charleston, S.C.) – 1/5/2018 – A Nor’Easter Storm nicknamed “Snowmageddon” recently hit coastal South Carolina leaving some areas with up to 7 inches of snow. This marks the first major snowstorm for this region of the state in over 30 years. During the storm, many areas were essentially paralyzed as some counties temporarily lost power and roadways were shutdown due to icy conditions.  While members of SCPoliceCruisers heeded warnings and stayed inside, first responders across the Lowcountry and Grand Strand portions of the state answered the call and headed out into the storm to keep residents safe. Below is a compilation of images sent in to the SCP news desk featuring some of South Carolina’s finest in action. Enjoy!


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